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Growth Gurus Get Wet at Club Wave

Growth Gurus Digital Marketing Club Wave Water Sports 1

Each moment was jam-packed with smiles from start to finish, together with uncontrollable screams of “WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!” from all the Gurus!

Club Wave Day Plan

You know your day is going to be an awesome one when it begins with a sweet smile from Zak Cassar walking into our office with the most amazing inflatables! (Check them out for yourself in the video). It didn’t take long before we all got changed into our swimmers and got into the van organized by Club Wave, after all, what better way to end a hard day’s work?

We could barely contain our excitement in the van, which did include sing-along attempts thanks to JP. 10 minutes later… we got to Club Wave in Sliema to be greeted by Ryan Cassar, and a couple of delicious cocktails to “wet” our palates.

Jet Ski rides

We’d love to get into detail about how much fun we had but seriously … you have to experience zigzagging across the calm sea on their beautiful, powerful jet skis yourself. Even as marketers, how can we truly express the joy jet skiing, on a work day nonetheless, brings to your whole crew?

Crazy Sofa

Next up, was the super duper Crazy Sofas. Ryan did his best to wake us, shake us, and chuck us off… and he did a pretty good job of it. Chris being the one who fell off first, the rest of us, right after.

TOP TIP: Make sure the heaviest person is in the middle and not at the end!

Speed Boat and Parakiting

Suitably so, our kickass directors literally took a trip to the skies and had a day of clear horizons…. What?… Josh & Alex got on a super sleek speedboat which ferried them around and took the Duo Parakiting!

Whether you’re looking for a unique place to have a business meeting or a romantic date, it’s most certainly a charming way to see the beautiful bay.

Club Wave is equipped with a variety of rentals to make your experience an unforgettable one!

With water skiing, wakeboarding, canoes and even fly boards to rent out, Club Wave truly do have all you need for a f*cking awesome day out! Summer isn’t over till the fat lady sinks.

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